• Porta Vecchia

    Pizzeria restaurant in Senningenberg open 7 days a week

  • We continue to offer our "TAKE-AWAY" dishes


    No Tests inside or outside



    4 people per table with a distance between tables or a separation with our plexiglass walls and wearing a mask when the client is not seated .



    Terrace open without restrictions (10 people per table) for lunch and dinner.


    Changements à partir de ce samedi 17 octobre

    Le « CovidCheck » est imposé par l'état luxembourgeois :


    L’intérieurd'un restaurant, est soumis au « CovidCheck »

    Les tests rapides fait sur place sont encore possible jusqu'au 31.10.2021


    L’obligation de présenter un certificat 3G pour toute personne (Clients et Personnel) à partir de 12 ans


    Notre personnel est vacciné


    La ​terrasse chauffé est exemptes du « CovidCheck »


    L’accès à l’intérieur de l’établissement devra être refusé à chaque personne qui ne dispose pas d’un certificat 3G

    OUVERT 7/7



    Take away

  • Our Porta Vecchia restaurant welcomes you to a cozy, warm and friendly atmosphere. We offer you various Italian and French specialties.​



    We have a shaded outdoor patio with a 60 seat capacity.

    Our restaurant offers you a varied menu, adapted for all occasions.



    We work with quality fresh produce and with raw ingredients sourced locally. We favour producers that are our neighbours and give preference to produce that is recognized as coming from our region.


    With this in mind, we buy our salads:

    • Asparagus, potatoes as well as strawberries straight from the farmer’s fields, “Freilandkultur Grunhofer” at Zewen.
    • The Grana Padano parmesan is grated every morning before service.
    • Cheeses such as mozzarella, pecorino, etc. are produced in Luxembourg by the Fromagerie de Luxembourg.
    • The quality cold meats that we put on our pizzas come from the Bondani company and are selected there for their high-end quality.
    • The foie gras is homemade starting with French lobes supplied by the Rougier company.



    The floor manager, Jordan, supported by Romain, Carlos, Arnaud, Rui and Tony, ensure that you receive professional and friendly service.


    Didier, Jean-Claude, Orlando, Philippe, Romain and Maria are in the kitchen, working under the uncompromising and professional eye of Claude Putz. The making tof he handmade pasta are under the responsibility of Deborah.




    The whole team wishes you “bon appétit”.​

  • "Bon appétit"

  • Our strong points

    Heated terrace

    We have a shaded outdoor patio with a 60 seat capacity.

    Varied menu​

    Our restaurant offers you a varied menu, adapted for all occasions.

    We offer you various Italian and French specialties.

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